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As an artist that sings from her soul, Montreal- based KAYTA rarely sings about love, and always for your motivation. She is the dreamy R&B artist that is effortlessly cool. As a child of immigrants from Chile and Slovakia, she was exposed to eclectic music at a very young age but started taking her music more seriously in her early teens. She began drawing on the guidance of her intuition to make songs. KAYTA took her formal music education and married it to an exploration of sound to find that mood that you didn’t know you needed. To make a debut that she felt was an inspired body of work, she deployed all her major influences from her Slavic roots to jazz, hip-hop, R&B, and Hispanic music. KAYTA cites hip-hop and R&B as a leading influence in her sound. At the core of music, she looks for introspection to find the drive within herself that will embody the spirit of improvisation. Without it, the music feels too bare, too inauthentic, and too much like people won’t be jumping around to it. It’s more about following the vibe and riding out the flow. Not to mention doing everything in her power to control that vibrato. As someone who prefers to focus her energy on singing/songwriting, her writing process follows her emotions to the absolute ends of their feeling. KAYTA’s timbre is an accidental warmth and intimacy that leaves just enough space to fill a song. What’s the emotion you want to feel? KAYTA is on it.